– Brunette Barbie –

There’s nothing more satisfying than strolling the streets and stumbling upon the perfect pink backdrop that matches your outfit aesthetic and makes you feel like barbie. It was meant to be.


Hello, welcome back my loves! I hope you all are doing well. Today’s post was shot back in August while in Toronto when the sun was beaming and bare legs were the norm. Can’t say the same for today whilst wearing layers under my denim coat but the sun is still shining and I truly can’t complain.Read More »

vintage street style toronto

– Momentum –

In this moment feeling utterly and completely myself.


Good morning my loves! I hope you all are having a great first couple weeks of September. I’m over here patiently waiting for my adventure abroad to commence in t-4 days!! Gathering all my list minute essentials and beginning to pack is just the beginning of all the mayhem but I live for these moments. 

Speaking of, I also live for these simple moments, waking up at 6am, on my own and sitting in the remaining moments of darkness writing this post. That either makes me sound completely out there or quite introspective. Really I’m fine with either. I’m just enjoying these last couple weeks of summer break (school doesn’t start until the 26th!! craziness) and taking it one moment at a time.


This look, which is seriously one of my summer favs, was shot back when I was in Toronto last month. After piecing this look together in a Starbucks washroom (I could tell you all the glamorous stories), I turned to my friend and couldn’t help but laugh because I think I’m the only person who would wear this. That’s seriously my favorite part about sharing my looks with you is always having that element of authenticity and individuality. I was definitely channeling vintage vibes here with the longer shorts and corset style top with shoulder pads. I also might be the only person who loves some good shoulder pads. Hate em or love em they’re here.


I hope you all enjoyed this post! I can’t wait to share my entire journey with you all following my trip to Scotland. Wishing you all a wonderful day and love you for reading.

xox, A