Natural Skincare Routine Yves Rocher

– My Natural Skincare Routine –

You requested it so here it is… a breakdown on my complete skincare routine for glowing, radiant skin using natural products!

Ashley Settingiano Glowing Skin Natural Skincare Routine

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– Selena Gomez Style Recreation –

Hello beautiful friends! Happy Monday to you and thank you for reading!

We’re back at it with another lookbook… today’s edition/style recreation/look for less/steal her style is SELENA GOMEZ/SLAYLENA. Not only does she posses a killer sense of style, but Selena also carries herself with such elegance and grace – which is more exquisite than any red carpet gown. I’m always looking forward to seeing SellyG’s looks because she never disappoints. Remember that one time she casually wore 10 outfits in 2 days, whilst in Paris?!?!…. OK I C U QUEEN!!

Here is a compilation of 6 [somewhat] recent looks which I’ve recreated with more accessible styling options. Scroll through the looks below, I’ve linked to options incase you’re interested in recreating my recreation, lolz. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

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– Everyday Style: 5 days + 5 trends –

Hello and welcome back to another lookbook! I compiled 5 of my favourite trends for fall 2016 and how I styled each trend during my week in outfits. These are outfits I actually wear during the week- lol sometimes I get asked if I actually wear the looks I style. Yes, yes I do. I usually have a mixture of casual and dressed up looks during the week because I often dress for 1. my mood 2. my plans. Majority of my week is spent on campus attending lectures, however, some days I just feel like dressing up. Don’t get my wrong though, I definitely have those days were I pretty much get up, throw on a hat and head out aka all of last week.. Maybe next time that look will make an appearance hehehh..Read More »