UK Street Style Denim Navy

– Aberdeen –

ashley-settingiano-aberdeen-street-style-10Street Style United Kingdom
I wish I could sum up these past four weeks in a single word, but that’s definitely not enough to express the magic, confusion and adventure that’s taken place. Read More »


– Brunette Barbie –

There’s nothing more satisfying than strolling the streets and stumbling upon the perfect pink backdrop that matches your outfit aesthetic and makes you feel like barbie. It was meant to be.


Hello, welcome back my loves! I hope you all are doing well. Today’s post was shot back in August while in Toronto when the sun was beaming and bare legs were the norm. Can’t say the same for today whilst wearing layers under my denim coat but the sun is still shining and I truly can’t complain.Read More »

– Dancing On My Own –

Nights like these I find so much comfort in the quiet darkness. I think I turned into a morning person this summer and forget what it’s like staying up past 1am. I miss those nights where staying up during the early hours would be prime time. That’s why this is the perfect time to write this post. Something I decided to write about and actually publish because I know there’s at least one other person out there feeling or going through something similar, so here’s to you.ashley-settingiano-shirt-dress-styleRead More »