UK Street Style Denim Navy

– Aberdeen –

ashley-settingiano-aberdeen-street-style-10Street Style United Kingdom
I wish I could sum up these past four weeks in a single word, but that’s definitely not enough to express the magic, confusion and adventure that’s taken place.

I feel like I’ve transcended into a completely different world with a broadened outlook and lifestyle with each day differing from the next. I’m learning that life is such a dynamic process and all it takes is completely immersing yourself in a new environment to reveal a version of yourself that you never knew existed. There’s nothing I love more than finding myself within the foreign, completely unfamiliarized with my surroundings yet feeling the most comfortable in being. The best part of getting lost in it all is discovering how vast the unknown is and how much the world has yet to unveil.

Admittedly, one of the biggest changes I’ve made is my attachment to my phone/electronic devices. I came to the UK with the full intention of detaching myself from my phone specifically so I never switched my sim card. It’s been quite a nice break to just put my phone down and experience this temporary way of life for all it is while I’m present. Even though I took a bit of a break from YouTube these past couple weeks, I’m going to get back into vlogging and filming for my loves because I miss you. I hope you can understand why I periodically take breaks from the cyber world. 

These weeks have been filled with days of lectures and nights wandering the streets at 3am with my flatmates. These are the moments I’m living for and cherishing moment by moment. Although I can’t lie, I’ve definitely had my days feeling homesick, missing my doggo and family and even lusting for Kraft Dinner which I now view as somewhat of a delicacy while abroad. I may or may not have introduced my flatmates to the florescent orange dish and now we’re all craving it. Lowkey got my mom to mail me some KD because the cravings have gotten excessive, hahah.

These images were shot in one of the first places that caught my eye downtown and of course it had to be a tunnel. I’m also wearing this super chic cutout top that I found at Zara and a satin bomber from TopShop here in Aberdeen. The picturesque streets have inspired a sense of timeless style, with a red lip making an appearance regularly. 

Anyways, this has been quite the ramble but I hope you all enjoyed catching up and the photographs. I’ll be back soon with more videos and stories! 

UK Street Style Denim Navy

| WEARING | Zara Cutout Top. Zara Mom Jeans. Topshop Bomber Jacket. Marc Jacobs Boots. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick.
UK Street Style Denim NavyUK Street Style Denim Navy UK Street Style Denim NavyUK Street Style Stripes NavyStreet Style United Kingdom

Photographed by Ailsa Barnett 

xox, A

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