– Brunette Barbie –

There’s nothing more satisfying than strolling the streets and stumbling upon the perfect pink backdrop that matches your outfit aesthetic and makes you feel like barbie. It was meant to be.


Hello, welcome back my loves! I hope you all are doing well. Today’s post was shot back in August while in Toronto when the sun was beaming and bare legs were the norm. Can’t say the same for today whilst wearing layers under my denim coat but the sun is still shining and I truly can’t complain.

I’m writing today’s post in Dublin while waiting for my final connecting flight to Scotland. I can’t believe the time has finally come and I’m now living and experiencing the beauty of Europe for the next three months. I’m still in shock sitting here with coffee in hand, Drake in my ear and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also began my mission to vlog this entire experience today so be sure to stay up to date on my instagram and snapchat (ashley.sett) to join along the adventure! Chances are I’m not going to come home… no seriously… I’m not coming back. Sorry mom!

I hope you enjoy these vibrant photos that kinda make me feel like a brunette barbie! Also scroll for my recent video I just published today! Love you and talk soon!


h&m tank dress. vintage bomber jacket. nike huarache kicks. aldo earrings. dolce & gabbana glasses. lancome ‘midnight rose’ lipcolor. pink-street-style-torontopink-street-style-toronto-fashion

xox, A


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