– Dancing On My Own –

Nights like these I find so much comfort in the quiet darkness. I think I turned into a morning person this summer and forget what it’s like staying up past 1am. I miss those nights where staying up during the early hours would be prime time. That’s why this is the perfect time to write this post. Something I decided to write about and actually publish because I know there’s at least one other person out there feeling or going through something similar, so here’s to you.ashley-settingiano-shirt-dress-style

I’ve never been one to share intimate details of my life because I enjoy the mystery too much but I’ve recently gone through a stage of life that we all eventually grow though. The journey of moving on, letting go and how strong it makes you. I’ve come to truly experience that loving yourself is the most rewarding and fulfilling love to be on the receiving end of. We spend half our time searching for the feeling of love in things, people, places but slow it all down and it’s all about contentment with the moment.

This summer I found myself off in my own world, living in my head, asking myself a lot of questions. Not exactly my favourite way to waste time. Maybe it had something to do with being reminded of my heartbreak. It was like hitting the replay button when I should’ve hit eject. But this isn’t that kind of story- this is about how the girl turned the pain into something useful. How hurting is sometimes the best motivation and the only way to heal is to really truly recognize all that you are- all that you have been this whole time. 

I guess for me I’ve always been more of a solo type of person- I’ve always found a level of comfort in my own company. When I was younger I aspired to be the type of girl who had no problem dancing on her own, she was confident and complete- she was a badass. Sometimes it’s challenging to not care what other people think but living any other way seems unfulfilling. Being an empath myself and feeling everything deeply makes the whole not giving a shit what people think thing a bit more difficult but I prefer to see it as a strength over a weakness.

I guess what I’m trying to say in my rambling is that life is amazing yet cruel, ironic yet simple. At the end of the day live for you and you only. Sometimes we get treated terribly only to rise above it all and appreciate our own worth. In the moment nothing really ever makes sense until it does. I would rather feel it all than hit the off switch. I’d rather dance on my own than not dance at all.


I hope you all enjoyed this super rambly, life just hit me with a brick kind of post. I love to keep it real over here so this is a reminder to me and you that life is never perfect, challenges always arise but it’s about having the confidence to welcome it all with a smile and sense of humour.

I’ll be back soon with another post and video, but for now here are a few images we shot that tie into this post perfectly with the sense of motion. I kept it super simple yet chic, dressing down the shirt dress with pair of sneakers that aren’t so simple. A perfect day to day look that calls for lots of twirling.


Zara Shirtdress. Vintage Leather Belt. Balmain Watch. F21 Hoops. Balenciaga Bag. Halogen Sneakers.

xox, A

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