– The Torrid Zone –


Story of the day * mid-shoot this lady walks up and curiously asks if I’m taking a new dating profile picture…..she was also very serious. Needless to say I was thoroughly amused. Like omg check out ALL MY NEW DATING PROFILE PICS GUYS!!


WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?! I feel like it’s been forever since I just sat down and allowed myself to write an unfiltered update on the chaos that’s been life. So here I sit alone in the dark at 12:27am without a doubt in my mind that this is one of my favorite things to do in life. So… let’s take it back to the beginning of this year, shall we?

This year started off insanely rough and honestly tested me as an individual. Overthinking led me to a complete dead end. Because, obviously. Where else would anxiety lead one to? So like I usually do in these situations, I made a decision (or two). First decision was to say goodbye to my very first home in Toronto and spend my summer back in my hometown. Little did I know in the following month I would come across a few incredible individuals who would make leaving insanely difficult. (When you finally find real friends then gotta peace out). But like everything else- nothing lasts forever and that’s the up and downside.

Equally difficult yet wonderful, I have a whole new appreciation for the city I’m from and the enchanting city I wandered aimlessly in search of myself. I know I’ll be back in Toronto to finish my degree but I never realized a blessing would be coming my way  that would change the entire path I thought I was supposed to take. In reality, that’s the lesson I truly wanted to experience. You can think your life is meant to look a certain way but once you let go of that need to predict and plan your future, you allow something truly magical happen for yourself.

I have a couple videos I want to film revolving around these topics because although I’m still young and quite honestly know nothing, I feel like I’m scratching the surface. I’m hinging onto the lessons in pursuit of becoming a more mindful person and want to share that. Definitely rambling on here but hey that’s how it goes here. I will definitely keep you all posted on this super exciting journey (once I know all the details I will share everything in a video)! 

I guess the main point I’m trying to make here is that nothing lasts forever and as I get older I finally begin to grasp what that means. Also learning a lot about myself along the way and what a weirdo I am – but damn I finally appreciate all of it + you should appreciate all your weirdness too. Feeling the need to express gratitude to all of you for your support and love. Lately I’ve been getting a bunch of insta DMs from your beautiful faces and they honestly brighten my life. Shit gets crazy but I finally understand where I’m meant to turn to. I wish all the love, happiness and health to each person reading today. Thank you for remaining a true constant in my life.


| WEARING | zara slip dress. f21 denim jacketnude fishnets. marc jacobs boots.


^ when the contour makes mama proud ^


On a lighter note, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. Nude fishnets add such interest to a look because you almost can’t tell you’re wearing them from afar. I’m always all about those little extra details, you feel?

Also been wearing these boots constantly. Seriously, you must be sick of seeing me wearing these but I can’t stop, won’t stop. Loving the way they add just a touch of edginess to an otherwise super feminine outfit.

I hope you enjoy this look and the photos! These were super fun to shoot even though we were in complete stealth mode trying to avoid getting caught taking pictures. I mean we still got caught but worth it.


xx, A

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