Street Style Lace Up Pants Off and Faux Fur Ashley Settingiano

– Lavishly –

I could wear these pants


Hello babes, welcome back and happy Friyay!! Are we still saying that? I don’t know but I’m super excited about this weekend so we’re going to go with it. This week has been so crazy with school projects and a snow blizzard that I definitely could’ve gone without. But I really can’t complain since majority of this winter has been spent wearing outfits like this one…

It’s crazy to think when these pants first arrived from missguided I was a little iffy about them since they were a bit too long. So I decided instead of trying to bring them in I would just unlace them and embrace the undone, lace up look. They are EVERYTHING styled like this. A lil undone for deconstructed chic vibes. You feel? Outfit repeating these pants this weekend just saying hehe.

Speaking of, this weekend calls for a much overdue adventure with friends to the Aga Khan Museum. You know i’ll be snapping/shooting some dope looks along the way. I hope everyone reading has a super fun weekend full of adventures and yummy food! Also, incase you missed it, I also have a new video up on my channel all about my skincare routine: full post here(Also doing a giveaway, so make sure to enter)

Sending virtual hugs xoxo! Hope you enjoy the look (& photos shot by my “instagram boyfriend” Amanda, lolz)


| WEARING | Zara Top ✫ Missguided Pants – similar I II  III ✫ F21 Faux Fur Coat ✫ Christian Louboutin So Kate Heels ✫ H&M Backpack ✫ Vince Camuto Chain Choker ✫ Lancome Midnight Rose Lipstick

ÆTãÿÓáx­Y4W΀SHÇıÙÝqÓʀmàI18lï é¿ÖY³—H²Å$M‡:¨Ö•½“@K·ÔçŽ.ÂP'¶=b}ñ÷O…¹,ᕶo͍Úõ×áõ…di§–þ%;s‡;zÀŠ'¢ø#Ìt‹wmû9 )ñv¯+Ò1¦ã4JrxøTíZzÑ>­¤ð? Ý_ˆ£¿·›T¾iÛÄáçŠwXÙFêGzVæêà®ù^¹7D‚{ÒH0Kashley-settingiano-street-style-lace-up-pants-faux-fur-5ashley-settingiano-street-style-lace-up-pants-faux-fur-9ashley-settingiano-street-style-lace-up-pants-faux-fur-7ashley-settingiano-street-style-lace-up-pants-faux-fur-10ashley-settingiano-street-style-lace-up-pants-faux-fur-4

Have a fab weekend babes!!

xx, A

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