Ashley Settingiano Silver Stile Street Style Denim Stripes

– Dusk –


Hi loves!! So excited to share this post with you today! This look was shot after a midday coffee date  with one of my good friends + fellow youtuber AmandaIt’s kind of become our thing to explore the downtown cafe scene and afterwards shoot an outfit of the day together. The definition of friend goals right there if I do say so myself.

Wearing this denim x denim & stripes x stripes look. I love finding ways to layer pieces, in today’s case: layering a button down. I ended up wearing my button down off the shoulder with a crop top which kept it in place and added more detail/interest. Loving the contrasting stripes look as of late! As for this denim overcoat which I’ve seriously been living in the whole winter…. it’s simply my favourite. I can’t stop and I won’t stop.

Such crazy news to share as well…this upcoming Friday (February 17th) I will be a guest speaker at the University of Toronto FNO ‘Content Creating Seminar’. The fact that I just typed that out is crazy to me!!! To think that I’ll be part of a panel of creators that I’m inspired by is such a surreal thought and I’m so excited/grateful/slightly nervous for the experience! I haven’t even starting preparing my speech yet but if you’re planning to attend I’ll see you then! Ahh

I hope you all enjoy the post and I’ll be back soon with another!


| WEARING | Jonathan Simkhai Crop Trop layered with this H&M Button Down ○ H&M Jeans ○ Zara Coat ○ Manolo Blahnik Python Pumps ○ Balenciaga Bag ○ Vintage Rings ○ Tom Ford Blush Nude Lips


xx, A

2 thoughts on “– Dusk –

  1. yes dusk and pre dawn light is soft, romantic, surreal, etc. In France the call it the “blue hour” or else where the “magic hour” Approximately within the hour after sunset and within the hour before dawn are my favorite times to take photographs, half the time on tripod and hand held. the out of focus street and motor vehicle lights are quite nice. However this series of pictures lacks something. And that is some flash or continuous light source balanced with the exposure of the ambient(sky light). even at dusk their are shadows. flash or even or some continuous artificial light source towards the subject would show more of the women’s eyes, and other details and so on. in these situations i usually use flash at half power. one effect that is effective is shooting the model moving, relatively slow exposure(around 1/15 or 1/8 second) you will get that ethereal blur in the background.


  2. Are you both model and photographer ? if so you must be using a tripod all the time. that’s a lot of work which need not be. I would suggest getting a photographer and/or use more models. I am a retired and disabled freelancer and have had photos published in McCall’s, New York Times, LA Times, USA today, mostly a photo journalist, but my personal work I never had the time or energy to promote them or have an agency do it. For my “bread” i was a press photographer but also some experience with fashion. I worked back in the day of analog photography=using film. Kodachrome was the standard of the magazine industry and for news papers i developed my own b&white film and prints. most of my work was done in the 1980’s and a bit in the early 1990’s. I know nothing about digital photography. but from what i have read you can emulate just about anything with digital that was done in film photography….. I am only being somewhat critical for your benefit i hope. we all learn something everyday. good luck and keep learning and growing in mind and soul.


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