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– Botanical Facial Treatment –

I love when life is like anย emoji…๐Ÿ’†


Welcome back my loves! Today we’re focusing on beauty, more specifically skin. The canvas, which is undoubtedly the most important part of any beauty + skin regimen.ย There’s truly nothing better then looking and feeling radiant!

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to experience a facial at the Botanical Beauty Spa with Yves Rocher. I figured instead of just trying out the facial and mentioning details & highlights,ย I would take you all along with me andย vlog the experience. This was my first ‘follow me around’ style vlog so I hope you enjoyed! LOL the last 7 seconds of the video pretty much sum up how it went on my end. Shout out to Matty for shooting this video with me!!

Anyways, back to beauty – myย botanical treatment was specialized to accommodate my combination skin. If you watched my video, ย I mentioned how my skin type flipped from dry to combinationย once I moved from a dry to humid climate. I’m still finding all sorts of alterations toย be made to my beauty + skin routine but one thing is for sure: how refreshed my skin looked and felt after this facial.ย Definitely something I will be returning to more frequently since my skin responded so well to the entire treatment!

I always get so many questions regarding my skincare routine and how I take care of my skin on a daily basis. I’ll definitely film a complete skincare routine video once I settle on a routine that fits perfectly. It’s a bit of a process with a lot of trail and error but we’re almost there. Stay tuned for more skincare posts!! : )

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All the best to everyone entering the giveaway! Love you all so very much.ย 

xx, A


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