– Sparks –

So here it is… My final post of 2016. 

sparks-2Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

I won’t get too sappy as to how my 2016 went, if you’ve seen my latest video [here] you might have a bit of an idea – but that’s a topic we will divulge in another day. I will say this though… 2016 showed me how incredible and cruel the world can be, almost simultaneously. So much of this year was a learning experience, I mean when aren’t we learning, right? Life is such a twisted, beautiful mess and I’m grateful for the strength I’ve been filled with through the mistakes I now call lessons.


This month I had my family join me in Toronto for Christmas which was the absolute best gift I could’ve asked for. My brother had never been to the city so it was amazing to show him around and con him into taking all my photos hehehe. We took these shots when we stumbled upon this location by accident and they’ve become some of my favourite photos to date. Plus, I’m wearing literally one of my favourite pieces I own, this Haute Hippie embellished cape that weighs a good five pounds and I wish I could wear everyday. I hope you enjoy all these photos and be sure to follow my insta for more daily snaps!


| WEARING |  H&M Silk Camisole. Skaist Taylor Velvet Flare Pants. Haute Hippie Embellished Capette. Zara Neck Tie. Vintage Handbag + Rings. F21 Hoops. Steve Madden Boots. ABH ‘Crush’ Liquid Lipstick.

sparks-5Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Before I sign off I have to extend a huge huge HUGE thank you to all my beautiful supporters who read my blog, watch my YouTube content and tune into my random snap stories. You guys are my reason to get up everyday and create, which is my favourite thing in this world. You’ve given me an outlet to truly embrace who I am as an individual and I will never be able to articulate how much you all mean to me. I know it all sounds cliche but I love you all so much, you’re part of me – you are my family.

I love you, forever

xx, A

One thought on “– Sparks –

  1. Ashelyyy! You are gorgeous, funny, full of grace and just amazing. I’ve been a fan/supporter/fan girl since the beginning. I remember watching your videos and being so inspired. So much so that I low-key copied the format of your makeup tutorials when I first started because I thought they were so well made. When you disappeared from YT I’d check every month to see if you had a new video. When you finally came back I cried tears of joy. 2016 has been a year of trying times for me as well, but still a blessed one because at the end of the year I’m alive and well and ready to take on 2017. So, thank you, for coming out of hiding in 2016 (please don’t leave again 🙏🏾) because watching your videos every week ALWAYS makes my day. Honestly, truly.
    – Armani 🌹++

    p.s. When you followed me on Instagram I freaked the fuck out! Like totally jumped up and ran around my house happiness. Keep loving and shining girl, we see you! 😘


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