– Brow Game –

If you know me, you know how much I love and slightly obsess over eyebrows which is why I’m so excited to finally share my complete eyebrow routine.


STEP I: Tweeze & Shape — First and foremost, do not over-tweeze!

Tweeze only the hairs that are obviously misplaced and don’t need to be there & remember not to get too close to your brows. I used my Revlon by Marchesa tweezersthe pointed pair for close precision and control. I went back in with my razor to clean up any hairs that I may have missed in between my  brows.

STEP II: Define — The best part: making magic 

I have tried many many products to fill in my brows and to be honest I love switching things up and trying out new routines. I began with powders. Usually just mixing dark, matte shadows to create a custom shade. I still love this technique and usually do this when I want softer looking brows.

Then I worked my way to a brow pencil. I’ve been using Stud by MAC for years and have always ended up reverting back to it. fast forward or rewind lol? to last month when I discovered Dipbrow by Anastasia – Queen of Brows! & it’s quickly become a new fav. Hesitant at first, I questioned how could a brow pomade give me a natural look?! I decided to put my hesitations aside and give it a try. That rhymed.

I use Anastasia no.7 brush to apply the product. I’m convinced this IS the best brow brush out there. The spool end is very stiff, which aids in blending the product just the right amount. 

Some of my other favourite brow products include… 

STEP III: Set In Place — Goodbye clear brow gel, you’ve been replaced.

Grab a toothbrush and some hairspray. This tip is AMAZING and will forever change the way you set your brows. Just spray a toothbrush/spooly with hairspray and run it through your brows. The toothbrush brushes out each and every single hair in the most perfect way and the hairspray locks everything in place. Btw I just clean my toothbrush the same way I clean my brushes – with baby shampoo. 



Watch my complete eyebrow routine video here…

Thank you so much for reading & watching the video. I hope you enjoyed xx

xx, A

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