– Standard Spring –

sTaNdArD sPrInG – o5. 15. 2016 –

Stard Spring-6

I was in such a rush to get ready today and ended up having one of those freak out “I have nothing to wear” moments. I ended up just throwing on a few of my favorite classics that never disappoint and headed straight out the door. I layered  contrasting denim x denim with a blush nude off the shoulder top (LOVE the rose gold buttons). Off the shoulder tops compliment chokers so well, so I couldn’t resist wrapping on a choker… because when am I not wearing a choker these days? • finally completed my look by sliding into my superstars which are a universal go-to. I swear superstars have a superpower to go with almost anything.

Stard Spring-5Stard Spring-2Stard Spring-1


top+jacket{H&M}  denim skirt{Zara>>similar}  sneakers{adidas}

choker{DIY – here}  earrings+rings{vintage}  lips{MAC}

Stard Spring-3Stard Spring-7

Happy Sunday! Also, I will have a new video up on Wednesday this week, mwah

all my love xx, A

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