– DIY Chokers –

As requested & promised… my new DIY Choker video. Featuring over 20 different choker ideas + inspiration on how to style each.


I’ve been absolutely obsessed with chokers as of late [wearing here, here and here]. Since I couldn’t find the ones I wanted in stores, I decided I was going to make a bunch of my own!! Not only are chokers extremely easy to make, but the possibilities are truly endless. So grab some ribbon, scissors and your creativity and let’s begin…

What you’ll need: Ribbon, Scissors | optional: Ribbon Clasps, Pliers

Black Satin, Suede & Velvet Ribbon: Michaels
ALL other Ribbon: Mokuba [575 Queen St. W] <- this place is seriously #1 for ribbon
Gemstones: Michaels
Sew On Gems: http://bit.ly/24HhsK3
Pliers: http://bit.ly/24HhAco
Ribbon Clasps: http://bit.ly/1rMAMHd

Watch my video below to see each step in detail & all the chokers:

Hope you enjoy the video!

xx, A

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