– Beauty à la Gigi Hadid –

One of my ultimate girl crushes: Gigi Hadid. 

…because when is she never not looking effortlessly chic and polished? I completely adore Gigi’s take on beauty + style and she has become on of my personal favorite models/humans. Which brings us here to this post! I saw these photos above the other day and loved how simple yet glamorous Gigi’s makeup looked and was inspired to recreate her look.


I love this for for spring because it has such a model off duty vibe to it… Minimalistic – yet the perfect amount. In my video below I show you how to recreate Gigi Hadid’s illuminated skin using my current & favorite strobing routine and matte lips/shadows to complement.

Although I must mention I was really disappointed with the lip combo. Gigi + I are both wearing Maybelline: Color Sensational Lip Liner in ToastColor Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Thrill -although you’d never know. Gigi’s lips are definitely more brown, mine are a more natural hue, almost identical to my lip color. Strange indeed. Ended up a little disappointed with the lip products to say the least – they also wear off quick! I absolutely hate giving bad reviews but if you want a lip color more similar to Gigi’s I’d consider swapping out the lip combo I used for Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Sepia OR the Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K. Unfortunately, they’re both sold out ATM… yeah, same.

After seeing how the lips turned out this definitely became more of a classic Gigi Hadid makeup routine. But hey, I still love the look and I hope you enjoy xx

Check out the video here: [& subscribe my channel here]

xx, A



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