– February Vibes –

February. The most oddly spelt month that ever existed.

I wanted to share some February inspiration since I haven’t pieced together a fashion mood board in a while. I love combining everything in my mind with what’s been inspiring my style in one post. Also have some castles happening because – well, romance…

Like most, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of February is a. I’ll never get over feb-r-uary b. red anything + everything means Valentine’s Day c. love -obvs. I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day because it’s an excuse to take romance to the next level, in life and in fashion. Seriously adoring soft lace and whimsical ensembles with sheer elements to complement. Instead of dressing in head to toe in red for Valentine’s Day I love taking the “bad romance” approach with a darker take, pulled together with feminine elements. Plus laying black on black is never not amazing and February is one of those months it’s completely nessisary. [today I almost went back to bed it was so cold, lol] Everything I’m imagining came together in this castle x fashion collage. Hope you enjoy + sending you lots of love!

Have you planned out what you’re wearing on Valentine’s Day?

xx, A

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