– Winter ’16 Fashion Favs –

No matter what season I always find a way to love that time of year through fashion elements which I incorporate in my day-to-day style. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of winter – who enjoys not being able to feel their toes and*gasp* long johns… Haha I remember those arctic like days where I would put on so many layers I could hardly move. Fortunately, this winter has been the most beautiful winter I’ve experienced in my life. It’s currently February 4th and there isn’t a single spec of snow in sight. I can’t complain.


Zara Neck Tie
Aldo Over-The-Knee Boots
Helmut Lang Leather Jacket
Adidas Sneakers
H&M Hat


My style has changed a lot during this winter, as it does every year. I’ve found myself gravitating towards basic elements and accessorizing with my favorite pieces. With the addition of a few essential pieces that keep me stylish and warm, I captured all my current g0-to’s and wanted to share them with you! I also just realized everything is black, so there’s that.

Explore the photos + video below and be sure to check out my newest release on my channel in correlation to this post. 

xx, A

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