– Cool –

The last time I wore a baseball hat I was probably a decade younger. I made the decision to give these hats another go [after they made their street style debut] and picked up this pinstripe cap from Simons a few weeks back. Paired with a midi jacket and the ultimate chill factor: sneakers. But not just any sneakers… these sneakers which are my current favourites. Matte black with printed laces and a touch of metallic *sigh* it’s like they were made just for me.



All Saints Wrap Sweater
F21 Jacket & Pants
Adidas Original Sneakers
Simons Baseball Hat
Balenciaga Handbag
MAC “Angel” Lip Colour
Vintage Rings
Eddie Borgo Bracelet

SS_-1-5SS_-1xx, A

3 thoughts on “– Cool –

  1. Hello,
    I just finished watching your latest video, and I fell in love with the sneakers! So of course I search them up and sadly I could not find them):
    I am wondering if you would tell me where you bought them? Or if they were limited edition. I feel like I am going nuts! Lol
    Btw LOVE your videos! I am so happy you started YouTube again!!!


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