– Tough Tales –

Skulls_suedePutting this look together brought out the inner rebel in me and I kinda felt like the most bada$$ boss in the world walking around wearing this. Seriously though, how amazing is it that clothes can channel our inner personas?!?

I felt like my hat [that I’ve been wearing on repeat] brought a little mystery, my scarf added a (softer) tough look I was going for and red lips finished everything off in the most classic way possible.


– Wearing –
The Kooples Jacket
Alexander McQueen Scarf
Danier Leather Skirt
Vintage Handbag


Just when I thought I couldn’t get any less sleep… I’m  running on 3 hours. The adventure home was quite eventful to say the least.Here’s my little story of the day for you… First, I woke up at 4:02am after accidentally dozing off and freaked out over being convinced I was going to miss my flight. Then, after successfully making it on time and landing, having the airline lose my luggage. How does this even happen?! So. so. stressful pondering on and on about all the things you’ve packed away in that bag and may never be re-united with again. Needless to say, I know tonight will be the re-charge I need. I’m currently sipping on this white chocolate peppermint tea and loving every second of it. So happy to be re-united with my family. This is the perfect end to 2015. Thank you for being part of it.

xx, A

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