– The Hat –

A classic of mine: all black, tailored pieces and bold accessories.

Possibly my favorite accessory for fall: The Hat. This hat. Which I purchased from H&M about a month ago and has since made its way into my daily looks. I find myself reaching for this each chance I get because 1. hats are everything 2. can you really go wrong with a wool hat in the fall? Answer: no. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s also perfect for those days when I’m running late and don’t have time to curl my hair, which is every other day if I’m being honest 😐 The Hat-5 The Hat-3

This look was shot a few days ago when the weather was unbelievable. Definitely not what I’m used to for mid-November so I took full advantage of the opportunity to go bare (most likely) for the last time this year. I would definitely still wear this look in the colder months, with a few additions – tights and a coat! The HatThe Hat-2


F21 Slip Dress. H&M Blazer & Hat. Steve Madden Boots. ZARA Box Bag. Vintage Rings. Jennifer Zeuner Necklace. MAC Rebel Lipstick (lips of the season! ) 

The Hat-6

Happy Friday!

xx, A

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