– Minimalistic –

Hello my loves! How are you doing?! How’s life? How’s November treating you? I can’t believe it’s already mid-November. I can hardly keep track of my days and each week keeps passing by faster and faster. I’m so excited to be writing this post because I can finally share my new photo set up. Since I no longer have a photographer with me, (back to a one woman production!) I wanted to set up an area in my apartment that gave off a studio vibe that would work for shooting and voilá, here it is! I’m really happy with the way the images turned out and my vision for the style of shots came together exactly how I envisioned. (I love when that happens) I’m hoping you like the photos as much as I loved created them. I’m feeling so inspired lately and now that the whole layout came together I have so many ideas I can’t wait to bring to life and share.


When I think of fall fashion the first traits that pop into my mind are earthy tones, simplicity and warm. I feel like this look was a combination of all those elements and I simply can’t get enough!

Purely minimalistic in a nude palette ensemble that’s perfect for the early fall season. They say less is more and I would have to agree. I love when an outfit consists of a few key pieces and looks effortlessly polished.

This jacket by Vince was an investment piece and it is one of the most comfortable and chic jackets I own. I love the light camel shade as well as the cut of the coat which screams wrap me up, so cozy! Having solid basics that can be worn in a variety of way is the best way to craft your wardrobe. Find what you love wearing and build upon that. Having 0 rules is the best part of fashion!


I actually bought these pants at the same time as the jacket and knew they would be amazing compliments of one another. I finished everything off by sliding into my Adidas Superstars for a super low-key comfort factor. These are also my go-to shoes lately and I never thought it’d be this easy to style sneakers – they really do go with almost anything.

Noul Top
Vince Pants & Jacket
Adidas Superstars
Vintage Gold Band Ring
Eddie Borgo Honeycomb Ring
Jennifer Zeuner Necklace
Tom Ford “Blush Nude” LipstickMinimalistic-2

Minimalistic-5 Minimalistic-9

Thank you so much for reading!

xx, A

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