– Fall Selection –

Fall isn’t necessarily my favourite season, I think it’ll always be summer, but it is my favourite fashion season. One of the many reason for that is coats/jackets/sweaters. Also at the top of my list is the leaves changing colour which is a simply a work of art in and of itself. Bet you thought I was going to say PSL 😉 [I’m more of an iced caramel macchiato kinda girl, everyday].

I wanted to photograph my real life collection of fall inspiration and pieces you’ll often see me wearing. I love wearing these pieces because I’m able to style them in a million and one ways and they’ve essentially become style staples.

I also love these photography type posts (and I hope you do too!!) because I feel like you can kind of see what I’m imagining in my head. I don’t know what’s more fun – being behind or in front of the camera? 

Scroll for photos!! ⬇️📷 ⬇️



I found this top/dress at F21 at a recent stop in. I always find some gems and this is one of them. I love every thing about this – the “turtleneck”, cuffed short sleeves and what you can’t see is the slits on both sides from the waist down. I can tuck or tie for an entirely different look and it’s also a wonderful layering piece.

Marni Loafers

When I saw these shoes… I honestly felt like my love for bowling shoes was brought to life in the most beautiful way. These remind me/everyone else of bowling shoes but I think that’s what gives them such an interesting appeal – they’re unexpected and I love that.


Balenciaga Metallic Edge Mini City

This bag has become my signature bag and I don’t think I’ve ever had a signature bag… It’s so versatile it carries through summer to winter. No pun intended.


Jennifer Zeuner Necklace

I dreamt of this piece for a while before I found the perfect one. This drop chain necklace is the perfect not so subtle, subtle piece of jewelry and I wear it almost everyday.


The Kooples. F21. H&M. Vince. Club Monaco

All of these jackets are so unique from one another it’s hard to describe them all with a single sentence but what I can say is I love a crafted jacket with a flattering length. 1. The moto jacket has incredible hardware and I love the look 2. The trench is the perfect piece and the suede and colour make it more interesting 3. An oversized suit jacket/boyfriend blazer will forever be part of my wardrobe. This one is simple, black and a go-to. 4. I don’t think you can never go wrong with a camel/beige coloured coat. Right? 5. And finally this is light, sheer pleated zipper jacket for the nice afternoons/evenings!

Fall is in full swing and if you’d like to see how I style all these pieces and keep up to date with me, be sure to follow me on Instagram – that’s where I’ve been posting all my latest outfits! 🙂 

Thank you so much for reading! Have an amazing rest of your week.

xx, A

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