– Modest –

Rise and shine my loves! Good morning and happy Thursday. 

As for my agenda today, it’s more like what isn’t on my agenda. Reflecting on these past couple of weeks I could go on and on about how exciting/non-stop my days have been, but instead I’ll sum it up in a single word: hectic. But it’s the best kind of hectic. I feel like I’m finally finding a balance between studying and time for myself all while settling into my new life. Each day has brought on an entirely new experience – some greater than others, of course, but I’m learning to take each day with a smile and flowing with whatever life has to throw my way. It’s all part of the process.

I apologize for not updating this past week, I had a couple posts that I wanted to write, however, they got delayed so stay tuned for those articles coming your way in the near future. Also, such exciting news that I’ve been dying to share with you… I landed a position interning at a wonderful fashion company leading up to Toronto Fashion Week. [AAAHH!] When I got the call that I’d be part of TFW I lost my mind. Such a dream come true. Working with a company that’s so passionate and knowledgeable about not only fashion, but also what personal style represents has provided a collaborative experience where I feel like I truly belong. There is something so special about being in a place where you know that’s exactly where you’re meant to be. It’s also been amazing learning about the industry first hand and I seriously can not wait to be back stage at Toronto Fashion Week in less than two weeks. You know i’ll do my best to share as much as I possibly can from that day! So many exciting things coming up and I can’t wait to share all of it with you.

All I can say right now is I have no idea what tomorrow will bring but I do know this is the beginning of something – I can feel it.

A_Settingiano_Mosdest1-1 A_Settingiano_Modest-1

Since I haven’t been able to shoot looks as often as I would like to, I’ve been taking my latest outfits of the day and posting them directly to my Instagram account. So, if you’d like to stay up to date with me be sure to follow me on Insta, click hereI love how Instagram connects everyone so instantaneously and I get to interact with all of you as soon as I upload a picture. Instagram is my favorite, hehe. I love being able to share photos and also check out other profiles, so make sure to leave a comment letting me know what your Instagram accounts are because I’d love to see your photo diary : )

Okay. End of current update — Here are some photos that were shot featuring a mod dress, my Baba’s vintage necklace and my favorite heels in the entire world. So downtown and so simplistic [only wearing 3 major pieces] yet detailed, with a hint of sparkle. Reminiscent of a previous look I wore here.

A_Settingiano_Modest-7A_Settingiano_Modest-4 A_Settingiano_Modest-3

Topshop Dress
Christian Louboutin “So Kate” Pumps
My Grandma’s Vintage Necklace
Vintage Earrings & Rings


Hope you enjoyed these photos!  I’m off to marketing class, have a fabulous day.

xx, A

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