Nothing Was The Same

Current Status: a gloomy, rainy Saturday night in yyz. In bed with Monty. A glass of red in hand. Streaming Drake’s latest: Right Hand

SNAPSHOT – 09.07.2015 – a little excursion to the country. We went boating and picked apples from this apple tree. What a day, with a hell of a view.

Ahhh, it has definitely been way too long since writing a post! I apologize for being MIA, however, the move and everything that has come along with it: familiarizing myself with a new city, getting into a new rhythm, adjusting to my school schedule and unpacking/settling into my new apartment… all of which have become the centre of my daily routine. But I can’t complain, it’s all been a whirlwind of emotions and such a blessing. To say I haven’t had a lot of time to write, let alone read the stack of 8 September Issues on my nightstand(!!!) would be an understatement but I’ve missed my posts and interacting with all my lovely readers. If you follow me on Instagram (click here) & twitter (click here) you’ve probably kept up to date on my latest adventures and current apartment projects, plus when I’m not posting that’s the best place to keep up with me! So even though I never went anywhere, I’m back with some fresh ideas, a new perspective and daily inspiration for upcoming articles.

Last night I was scrolling through my blog and couldn’t help but feel like absolutely everything is different, even me. I think of all the changes that have taken place over the past two weeks and personally, I’ve changed the most. Thinking back to a month ago I never could have prepared myself for this incredible journey I’m now experiencing daily. I don’t think it’s enough to just say I love this city. Each night I find myself gazing out my window, captivated by the busy streets and illuminating lights cast upon the skyline by high rises. It takes my breathe away. I can’t say I don’t miss home though. I think the hardest part of moving away has been adjusting to not having my mom and brother around everyday. I love them more than anything and we’ve always been such a tight-knit family which makes being on my own all the more difficult, but thank goodness for technology… FaceTime definitely helps me feel a little less alone and brings us together, even if it’s through a screen. 

Although I haven’t been completely alone because of course Mr. Monty is with me and my incredible, extraordinary, superb mother was staying with me for the first week upon arriving to help me set up and quite honestly I wouldn’t of had it any other way – except, of course, if she had stayed in the city. I can’t wait for my brother to come out and visit though! He’s been the gem behind the camera who has shot all my outfit posts and I’m going to miss that so much. Thanks so much for putting up with all my antics and crazy shooting schedule Matty, love ya! I’m also missing my boyfriend, who is also back home. I fell for my best friend this summer right before leaving but I guess that’s one of those unpredictable surprises that you don’t see coming but life throws your way. I guess it’s true, life happens when you least expect it. I’m so grateful for his constant support and encouragement of my dreams and for that, I love you KB. I hope one day I can persuade him to let me shoot one of his suited ensembles because let me tell you, he’s got styleHahaha, he’s probably reading, laughing and shaking his head. 


SNAPSHOT – 09.05.2015 – a late afternoon stroll along the Lake Shore Harbour where this Swan duo came quite close to the edge, what stunning creatures.

On another note, I’ve also been exploring and trying to immerse myself everything the city has to offer. From the swan sighting at the Harbour to driving downtown I’m taking it all in and cherishing every second. The weather here has been an absolute treat with the hottest day of the season just a few days ago, it’s like summer hasn’t ended – except for today that is. I can actually feel the crisp fall air in the wind. I’m excited to have my first Autumn here though, not only because I just bought a new suede trench but also because 1. hopefully the weather is warmer than back home in yeg 2. my favorite part of the season is seeing the leaves change and all the colors come to life as the leaves fall 3. I have a beautiful view of a lush looking forest from my balcony that will make for an unreal photo when the time comes. Instagram stand by.. ha! 

Another part that I’ve been absolutely loving has been seeing my personal style come to life through decor. Decorating my first home is something I’ve always dreamt of. Let me put it this way, while everyone else was fantasying about their dream wedding I was envisioning what I wanted my apartment to look like – mirrors and white everything! Hint: my whole place is white and there may be some mirrored pieces throughout! Although I have to give mad props to my mom for leading the way, she’s just got an eye for decorating and making any space feel like home. I seriously can’t wait to share some photos of the decor and also show you around ;- )


SNAPSHOT – 09.10.2015 – a dream come true. The progress of my shoe cabinet, which is now complete. LOVE.

How could I almost forget? School. The main reason behind this entire cross-country move. I can honestly say I love school. Each day has something new to offer and I’ve been loving every class, the campus and friends I’ve made so far have made this experience all the more exciting. I hope everyone who went back to school this year or just began their first year of classes has enjoyed their first week. As a freshman in college myself I think the best advice I can give is find what you love and just do it, no matter what. I think that’s why it doesn’t feel like “work”. You’ll come to enjoy everyday a lot more if you love what you do and pursue a career you’re most passionate about.A_Settingiano_NWTS-1

SNAPSHOT – 09.12.2015 – the dress form in my bedroom. Styled to the nines feat. McQueen scarf & Haute Hippie Embellished Cape.

If you’ve stuck around and made it to this point, wow! All I can say is thank you thank you thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I’ve reached a point where I feel as though I am unapologetically myself, something I’ve searched for the longest time and I think know part of the reason I am who I am is the outlet this blog has allowed for me to express myself. Above all else, I’m most excited for this. This exact moment in time – writing this blog. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring but I do know what I’ll be wearing and that’s enough for me. Thank you for being part of this journey with me. I believe life is all about finding ourselves in this world and I think I may have just found her.


Until next time,

xx A

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  1. I’m lawnwood05 on Instagram. Find you to be very inspiring. Only wish you the best in everything you do.


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