– Feelin’ Blue –


On the contrary to feeling blue. Feeling red? white? silver…? All of the above, really. My mind and emotions have been scattered all over the place and my life has turned into a series of Starbucks, packing and more coffee. I really can’t complain though, it’s all such an exciting time but I’m definitely not looking forward to the un-packing.

Ah! The 1st is right around the corner and I’m almost ready for the move – just a few boxes left and my life will be shipped away, what a crazy thought. It’s also crazy to think that summer is almost over, I really don’t know where the month of August went… I probably only have a month or so left of bare legs and sandals so I’ll be making the absolute most of it, as I am with this look. I’ve been waiting to wear this halter body suit for a while now and I love the complete navy look because it’s not a color I usually go for. The effortlessly chic vibe of an individual color ensemble is one of my not-so-secret style secrets. This denim skirt is also new fav of mine, what have I been doing without a denim pencil skirt?!

Well, it’s back to packing for me. I hope you all are enjoying your final week of August! Thank you for stopping by. Until next time.. xx

A_Settingiano_Blue-2 A_Settingiano_Blue-4A_Settingiano_Blue-3 A_Settingiano_Blue-5 A_Settingiano_Blue-6 A_Settingiano_Blue-7

American Apparel Bodysuit
F21 Denim Skirt
Manolo Blahnik “Chaos” Sanadals 
RayBan “Silver Mirror” Aviators 
Jennifer Zeuner Necklace
Eddie Borgo Bracelet
Vintage Rings
MAC “Angel” Lipstick 


xx, A

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