– Sitting Pretty –

SittingPretty-7386*cue the face you make when you find “thee” shoes*

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love so fast. You know that moment when you can feel your heart sink and your speechless for a good 5 seconds? Similar to the feeling you’d get when a pair of heels you’ve been lusting over are on sale for 50% off and *gasp* they have your size – something like that… Well that’s pretty much exactly what happened when I spotted these silver beauties sitting pretty on display, I fell head over heels instantly. They truly are the epitome of Silver Stile. Long story short I had to get them.SittingPretty-4358


It was a Friday night with a glass of wine in hand and I had an image painted in my head – these heels, that embellished sweatshirt dress and the mint/silver decor. I decided to take it upon myself to have an impromptu shoot, so here I am… sitting pretty, wearing these magical heels that inspire my style like no other. Thanks Mr. Louboutin.

SittingPretty-0112 WEARING

Christian Louboutin “So Kate” Pumps. Manish Arora Embellished Sweatshirt Dress –


xx, A

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