– Banff on a Monday –

I feel like I am in a permanent state of wanderlust. I can’t help but feel this exploding urge to explore as much and as far as I possibly can. I’ve come to learn that there is absolutely nothing else like experiencing a place for the very first time, it’s such a special experience. The way peoples eyes open a little wider, thoughts settle down and you’re present in a moment that will soon become a memory. I feel like this is how we truly find ourselves in this huge, beautiful world around us. As my good friend KB said, “we are happiest in transit.” He couldn’t be more spot on.BANFF-1

It was a spontaneous road trip which KB and I decided to embark on at 6am Monday morning, and after a couple stops for coffee and 4 hours later we arrived at one of the most breathtaking places in the world, Banff National Park. We made about 10 stops throughout the day to take in all the sights and even went canoeing at Lake Moraine. This is where I learnt I definitely shouldn’t row a canoe, but hey, we didn’t fall into the lake so I call that a success.

As I looked through my phone at all the photos we took throughout the day, I knew had to share some of the shots. The scenic views are too incredible not to share. The crystal blue water, densely packed forests and snowcapped peaks took my breathe away. What a gorgeous, peaceful, adventure filled day. One I will surely never forget.

BANFF-1-4 BANFF-1-5BANFF-1-3BANFF-1-14 BANFF-1-13 BANFF-1-12 BANFF-1-10 BANFF-1-9BANFF-1-7 BANFF-1-6

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

xx, A

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