– Mid Level –


I can never quite wrap my head around how fast the time passes by – one minute it’s April and I’m shooting this look and the next it’s mid-June and I can’t help but feel like these past two months flashed before my eyes. It really is true what they say about time flying by when you’re having fun! Ooh the nostalgia gets me every time.



So flashback two months ago and my loooovely mom and I spent a weekend in Calgary, which is where I found this dress and I fell in love instantly. I actually fell in love with the city that weekend too. I spent a couple hours just driving around on my own, taking in what the city had to offer and exploring the busy downtown streets. I feel like this is such an important part of travelling. No matter where you go, a large city or a small town, just taking time to wander around with no expectations, enjoying the simplicity of what is right in front of you is so important. Clearly feeling quite sentimental today ahah.

Anyways, we stopped in at Holts after arriving, [of course] and I had mentally styled this piece about six different ways by the time I had decided it would make a great addition to my wardrobe. Plus, I don’t own anything else like it, thank you Helmut Lang. The length and cut of the dress is something I wanted to experiment with and I have to say it’s super versatile and one of those pieces that I can dress up & down, during each season. Back in April the spring air was a bit more crisp so I knew there would be a leather jacket and strappy sandals involved… come to think of it I could probably wear this for a night out since it hasn’t been all that warm this week, ah classic Edmonton weather.


Also wearing my Aquazzura “Amazon” sandals here and I must profess my love to the world.. Best. Heels. Ever. I’m such a shoe girl so these were ones that I couldn’t pass up and I’ve worn with pretty much anything and everything. They have the ability to make a classic look a little more edgy and sexy without being too much. I’ve been cyber-stalking the closed-toe pump version as well but… control, Ash, control.

– Helmut Lang Dress & Leather Jacket. Balenciaga Metallic Edge Mini City Bag. Aquazzura Amazon Sandals. Ray-Ban  Sunglasses. Jennifer Zeuner Necklace. Vintage Rings. Lancôme “Midnight Rose” Lip Color. Ciaté “Glametal” Nail Color. 


Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!


xx, A

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