To Top It All Off…

Following my previous post, The Hat, I wanted to share some of my hat-spiration of the season.

Wether I’m going f0r a relaxed look or more of a mysterious chic vibe here are a few of my favorite picks to top it all off… 

i. Celine Robert ‘Lanine’ ii. Lack of ColorMontana” iii. Lack of ColorAzure” {so many beautiful colors!}                                                                                              iv. F21 Fedora v. Hat Attack “Avery” vi. Hat AttackOriginal Grey


Absolutely in love with the bold statement hats which I can see myself wearing with all black {would you expect anything else?}. Love love. Which style and color is your fav?

xx, A


The Hat-4

– The Hat –

A classic of mine: all black, tailored pieces and bold accessories.

Possibly my favorite accessory for fall: The Hat. This hat. Which I purchased from H&M about a month ago and has since made its way into my daily looks. I find myself reaching for this each chance I get because 1. hats are everything 2. can you really go wrong with a wool hat in the fall? Answer: no. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s also perfect for those days when I’m running late and don’t have time to curl my hair, which is every other day if I’m being honest :| The Hat-5 The Hat-3
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– Minimalistic –

Hello my loves! How are you doing?! How’s life? How’s November treating you? I can’t believe it’s already mid-November. I can hardly keep track of my days and each week keeps passing by faster and faster. I’m so excited to be writing this post because I can finally share my new photo set up. Since I no longer have a photographer with me, (back to a one woman production!) I wanted to set up an area in my apartment that gave off a studio vibe that would work for shooting and voilá, here it is! I’m really happy with the way the images turned out and my vision for the style of shots came together exactly how I envisioned. (I love when that happens) I’m hoping you like the photos as much as I loved created them. I’m feeling so inspired lately and now that the whole layout came together I have so many ideas I can’t wait to bring to life and share.


When I think of fall fashion the first traits that pop into my mind are earthy tones, simplicity and warm. I feel like this look was a combination of all those elements and I simply can’t get enough!

Purely minimalistic in a nude palette ensemble that’s perfect for the early fall season. They say less is more and I would have to agree. I love when an outfit consists of a few key pieces and looks effortlessly polished.

This jacket by Vince was an investment piece and it is one of the most comfortable and chic jackets I own. I love the light camel shade as well as the cut of the coat which screams wrap me up, so cozy! Having solid basics that can be worn in a variety of way is the best way to craft your wardrobe. Find what you love wearing and build upon that. Having 0 rules is the best part of fashion!

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– Lips Of The Season –

Say good by to bright pinks and corals and say hello to rosy nudes and plum lip colours for fall!

Here are my favourite/go-to lipsticks for the season that make a statement all on their own or in combination with a makeup look or outfit. In my opinion, lipstick is just as much an accessory as a piece of jewelry. Often times I’m inspired by a specific shade and my whole look revolves around my lips. 👄

I hope you enjoy this post and remember, don’t be scared to try something new this fall. I hope these picks inspire you to get outside your comfort zone and experiment! Yay for the beauty of makeup.


I usually start off au natural and begin by hydrating my lips – [my two favourite lip balms are by Burt’s Bees and ROC]. Hydrating will play a key role in your beauty routine because it helps whatever product you apply glide on without emphasizing dryness – especially during the colder months.

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